The primary value of The Swift Innovation Corp is customer satisfaction.  Our differentiator is our culture.  Our reliable Professional Services team is the cornerstone of our business model, and how we distinguish ourselves from our competitors.  We understand the difference between a company with a capable team of engineers, sales, and support staff encouraged to provide high quality customer service, and a company who actually creates a culture where customer satisfaction is a byproduct of their daily actions, core values, and shared principles.  We are the latter.


We Don’t Manage Here.  We Lead.

Leadership is an integral part of our organization and our primary tool for fostering our culture of exceptional customer satisfaction.  We surround ourselves with leaders of technical and tactical aptitude, with high moral and ethical character, who understand economics, technology, and people.  We believe that leadership principles, technical authority, and integrity are paramount to a successful business. 

Therefore, we find talented leaders and we develop their talent.  We only hire professionals with personal integrity and personal ethics who will take ownership of our core values and develop into strong leaders.  We do not promote people to levels of incompetency or think that everyone can lead anything.  For us, a good leader is able to follow other leaders, understand that everyone cannot lead everything, and - most importantly - develop other leaders.

We believe that individual leadership traits form the backbone of organizational leadership.  We are committed to leadership, not management.  We don’t manage here.  We lead.


Counterpart Training

In order to create a cohesive team that executes our primary values, we encourage and incentivize a culture of knowledge and understanding amongst our staff.  Our engineering staff is incentivized to maintain an entry-level Account Manager or Sales Expert certification with at least one partner vendor to help them understand the elementary motivations and needs of their counterpart team.  For the same reasons, our sales staff is incentivized to maintain certification as entry-level technicians in either a partner vendor or a vendor-neutral technical discipline.


Our Core Values:

  • Integrity – We will always do the right thing, both legally & morally regardless of the potential costs to the company.
  • Maintain tactical and technical excellence – We prioritizecontinuous education and improvement for staff byre-vesting profits into their training, creating multiple training opportunities, and supporting post-training application.
  • Respect – We will always respect our customers and our staff.  We will prioritize our customer’s needs and financials limitations above profit, and maintain timeliness in our delivery and communication.  We will reward our staff’s commitment by offering generous, truly work-free vacations and holidays, prioritizing family above work, and creating growth opportunities.


Organized to Overcome Human Failure

We believe in four fundamental causes of Human Failure.  Organizational failures occur when no standard exists.  Training failures occur when standards exist but are not known.  Leadership failures occur when standards exist and are known, but they are not enforced.  Only if standards exist, are known, and are enforced, can individual failure occur.

We understand that an organization must be dedicated to provide quality leadership to their staff in order to be successful.  In fact, an organization without a strong leadership model is more likely to fail their people than their people are to fail the organization.

We understand that an organization must be dedicated to provide quality leadership to individuals in order to be successful.  We will consistently provide that leadership!

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