The Swift Innovation Corp is an organization founded by military veterans, and we take pride in our roots and the shared leadership principles engrained in us.  Since leadership is an integral part of our organization and our primary tool for fostering our culture of exceptional customer satisfaction, we ensure that everyone who joins our team understands and respects these leadership principles


Proficiency - Leaders must be tactically and technically proficient.  An incapable leader is an obsolete leader.

Education - Leaders never stop developing their knowledge base.  They always listen, observe, and seek understanding.  Leaders master what they learn, and they teach what they master.

Responsibility – The two primary responsibilities of a leader are equally important: first, accomplish the task at hand and second, ensure the well-being of those who depend on them.

Empowerment – Leaders provide purpose, direction, and motivation.  Leaders empower others.

Equality – Leaders are fair and consistent.  They give consideration to all sides of a situation and treat all people and matters equally.

Sound Decision Making – Leaders make good decisions by thinking through a matter clearly, calmly and deliberately before making a decision.  They avoid rash decisions.  Leaders choose the hard right over the easy wrong.

Excellence – Leaders strive to perform their work to a standard of excellence. “Good enough” simply doesn’t cut it.

Integrity – Leaders resolve complex ethical dilemmas without compromising personal character, integrity, ethics or morals.  They do not compromise their integrity or their moral courage.

Honesty – Leaders remain honest and truthful through their words and their actions.  They value honesty, sense of duty, and sound moral principles.  Leaders stand up for what they believe is right.

Competence – Leaders conduct and carry themselves with competence, confidence, and control.

Consideration – Leaders are considerate and give credit to those who deserve it. They do not use their authority or influence for pleasure, profit, or personal gain at the expense of others.

Morality – Leaders do the right thing, legally and morally.  They stand up for what is right and accept blame for their faults.

Preparation – Leaders condition themselves mentally and physically to endure fatigue, stress, and hardship.

We believe that everyone is entitled to outstanding leadership!





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