A mobile workforce is an empowered workforce.  Not only for the organization but also for themselves.  A mobile workforce can reach more customers in less time, can react quicker to short-notice demands, and has work-life balance capabilities to participate in a demand-driven workday instead of a schedule-driven workday.  Technology is what empowers your mobile workforce.


Firewall, Intrusion Detection, and Advanced Malware Protection

Data from outside networks, even from a trusted business partner, isn't always safe.  Before you mobilize your workforce or your data, be sure you can protect your users, your business partners, and your customers. 


Wireless Networking

Wireless LANs are a staple of flexible corporate environments.  Accommodate guests and fast-paced workers, reduce network cabling costs, and increase flexibility of office layout.


VPN Extensions

Do you need affordable remote access without a forklift upgrade?  Have you found talent in a geographic area where you don't have an office presence?  Would you like to use the Public Internet as a trusted means of data communication?


Identity Services

Now that you've got a mobile workforce, now that you're letting people into your network, who is connecting, how are they connecting, where are they connecting from, what are they using to connect to your network?

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