Now that your network is up and running.  Now that your systems are crunching data.  Now that your people are looking after it all, let's oil the machine.

Routing and Switching

Have you deployed IP Voice or Video, but need help with QoS?  Has your LAN or WAN grown beyond current management capabilities?  Do you need centralized authentication for network devices?  Do you just need help expanding?  Are circuit costs competing with user demand on the WAN?


Maximize power, space, and cooling expenses.  Cut hardware costs and licensing costs.  All while increasing computing capacity in your data center.


Is it time to clean up the home-grown network and start segmenting traffic for security policy enforcement and compliance?  Do you need more visibility on what your users and customers are doing on your network?  Is your corporate data and customer data secure?  Would the data survive an equipment failure?  Who really needs access to “those” files?

Unified Communications

Communication is more than just the phone on your desk or your email inbox.  Bring the feature-rich and ease of manageability of Voice and Video over IP to your organization.  Collaborate efficiently and quickly.  Reduce user impact of voice system maintenance and user desk moves.  Reduce communications cost with SIP.  Reduce travel cost with collaborative video.


The Workforce

Work smarter.  Virtualization significantly increases efficiency of hardware resources.  I/T staff can squeeze 10, 15, or more Virtual Machines on to a single physical server.  It doesn't reduce the management overhead.  Enter automation and orchestration tools.  Automation and Orchestration tools provide engineers with smart management tools and your user community with self-service capabilities, so engineering teams can spend less time on routine tasks and more time on innovation.

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