On-demand services.  Business agility.  Pay-as-you-grow elasticity.  Reduced operational expenditures.  Does Cloud really deliver all of this?  Where has it been all this time?

Cloud sounds good - but what are the tradeoffs?  Is it really as simple as CapEx for OpEx?  What are the risks?  What are the benefits?

Cloud consists of three fundamental business components - Applications, Consumers, and Connectivity.  The Swift Innovation Corp has the experience and the right partnerships to take you securely to the Cloud.

Where is the Cloud?  Well, it depends.  Does everything need to go to the cloud?  Probably not.  Are there things that make sense in the cloud?  Very likely.  It depends on your unique business model.  And that changes over time.  Is it possible to outgrow the cloud?  Maybe.  What do you do if that happens?

Let us help you.  Let's talk Cloud.

Cloud Solutions
·  Backup as a Service
·  Virtual Desktops as a Service
·  Hosted Virtual Servers
·  Hosted Physical Servers
·  Hosted Storage

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