What are you letting into your network?  What are you letting out?  Your network has likely been attacked today - do you have visibility on that?  What are your employees doing on the Internet?  How are you managing email threats?  The Internet is the backbone of commerce.  Sure you want connectivity to a business partner over the public Internet, without the cost of a dedicated circuit, but how well should you trust a network that you can't manage and can't secure?

Network security is about internal and external.  It's about intentional and unintentional.  Attacks will happen.  Accidents will happen.  But you can protect your network - before, during, and after a security incident.

Your employees are going to bring their personal devices to work.  They're going to use their work devices for personal use.  It's going to happen.  But you can protect your data, your devices, your clients, and your employees.  You can implement a secure and efficient Bring-Your-Own-Device policy.  You can provide secure network access for your contractors and your on-the-go or your stay-at-home workforce.  You can mitigate web threats, email threats, persistent malware attacks, and more.

Network Security Solutions
·  Perimeter firewall deployment
·  Site-to-site VPN
·  Remote Access VPN
·  Web-accessible application portal
·  Email security
·  Web-based security

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